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  • New technique revolutionizing hip-replacement surgery

    “It’s a ‘micro-invasive’ technique,” says Grandic. And it offers myriad advantages over other techniques. “All muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue are spared, and the hip socket is never twisted into unnatural positions during surgery,” Grandic explains. Thus, he says, patients experience little or no post-operative discomfort; are able to walk immediately, with no restrictions; and are usually discharged from the hospital within 24 to 48 hours.

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  • Quit smoking and enjoy that new hip

    Total hip replacement and smoking cigarettes just don’t mix. That’s because smoking can cramp the healing process. Even quitting just before surgery is better than not quitting at all. Researchers recently studied a group of patients who had undergone total hip replacement surgery. Patients who were current smokers had higher rates of infection, pain and loosened hip joints, which had to be corrected with a second surgery, compared to non-smokers.

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  • New surgery makes hip replacement easier

    The surgery is extensive. It involves removing the joint – the damaged bone and cartilage – and replacing it with prosthetic parts made of metal, plastic or ceramics. Typically, surgeons enter the joint from the rear, which requires cutting through muscle and cartilage. But a relatively new procedure enables surgeons to enter from the front and only stretch the muscles aside, avoiding the cutting and minimizing pain and recovery time. Those who use this anterior technique say the benefits are substantial.

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  • Knee osteoarthritis patients have improved knee loads when using specialized mobility shoe

    When patients with knee osteoarthritis are walking, their knees may jut out to the side. Shoes that imitate barefoot walking can help with that. A recently published study found that wearing a "mobility" shoe keeps the knee joint more aligned in knee osteoarthritis patients. Using flat, flexible footwear can significantly reduce knee loading in patients with the joint condition, according to researchers.

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  • ACL surgery techniques using double versus single bundle ligaments provide equal stability

    Surgery for a blown anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) inside the knee is becoming more and more common. New techniques to perform the surgery are on the rise across the country. Damaged ACLs that were replaced using a double-bundle technique during surgery were as stable as patients who received the single-bundle technique, according to a study presented at a conference. In double-bundle, the new ligament has two parts whereas the single bundle just has one.

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