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    Ryan H

    Dr. Durbhakula did a great job replacing my knee, had I known how easy this was going to be I would have done it years ago. He also is great to talk to during all of our post-op appointments. He explains everything, takes the time to understand your concerns and answer all of your questions. Unfortunately, I could only give him 5 Stars.
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    Sail A

    Dr. Durbhakula is a skilled surgeon. My hip replacement was 1-3-22. Followed be PT twice a week for 2 1/2 month. Recovery was on schedule and I'm now playing pretty intense pickleball without any problems. I (75 y.o.) am very appreciative of Dr. Durbhakula and his excellent staff for improving my quality of life.
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    Denise D

    Dr. Durbhakula is an exceptional surgeon and has replaced both my hips over the last three years. Not only is he extremely witty, but his bedside manner gives the patient a strong sense of confidence and comfort that he will take care of them. Extremely professional, I have referred several friends to him.
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    Geoffrey S

    Partial knee replacement went very smoothly, with full recovery within a few months and nowhere near as much discomfort as I had feared. Doc Durbhakula has provided excellent follow-up treatment and I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again. His entire staff is very professional as well.
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    Brian S

    I had both hips replaced by Dr. Durbhakula. Both surgeries went well. Physical therapy was impressed with my strength and recovery after surgery. I was told many times how I was much further ahead than other patients that used other doctors in my area. I have to travel 1 hour to Dr. Durbhakula office. Excellent doctor and office staff.
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    Ann F

    A wonderful experience with my hip replacement with Dr. Durbhakula. He never pushed me to have surgery – in fact, he long recommended that I hold off as long as possible – but when I reach the point that it was necessary to proceed, it went very well. I was up and walking within hours, home the same day, and fully recovered within a few months, just as predicted. It is never wonderful to need surgery, but if you do, I highly recommend Dr. Durbhakula.
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    Jonathan B

    Dr. D is awesome! I had a severely arthritic hip. He did a hip replacement and I was immediately better within weeks. Now 6 months out and 95% healed.
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    Artie S

    Dr. Durbhakula is one of the most skilled and compassionate surgeons I have known. I have referred numerous patients to his practice to include two family members in their 80’s. All had successful outcomes.
    Dr. Durbhakula is a gifted surgeon.
    Dr. Artie Shelton
    COL (ret) US Army
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    M Beach

    Dr. Sridhar Durbhakula and his team are incredible! The level of professionalism and care is exceptional. Their surgical expertise surpasses all expectation and I could not have asked for a better outcome. I highly recommend Dr. Durbhakula and his team for any related hip surgery and care.
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    Mark F

    All of my experiences with Dr. Durbhakula and his support staff were very positive, beginning long before my eventual hip replacement surgery. It has now been over one year since my surgery and I am very happy with the end result.


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