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    Verified Patient

    I would definitely recommend Dr. D. He has been treating my bone on bone knee so far with gel injections. He is very honest, caring and explains things very well. I have such great confidence in him. If I have to get a knee replacement I have the most utmost confidence in him.
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    Verified Patient

    One of the best doctors we have ever worked with! Extraordinarily competent and he cares.
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    Preparation plus a terrific surgeon leads to an amazing outcome.
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    Dr. Durbhakula is extremely skilled and knowledgeable. He replaced my incredibly painful hip, which has been wonderful 3+ yrs. He also treated a broken kneecap conservatively, determining that the shattered pieces were aligned so it did not need surgery as long as it was immobilized during healing. That worked well. I only wish that he'd warned me that since I decided against having him withdraw the blood, it would drain down to my shin area and be extremely painful. (But it was my choice.)
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    Fouzia K

    I had a nightmare knee surgery in February 2015. A year later my knee hurt more than before the surgery. Thankfully, a friend sent me to Dr. Durbhakula who told me, very regretfully, that I would have to repeat the surgery. Since the pain was unbearable I agreed despite grave concerns because of my past experience. However he did a fantastic job and my knee is now in very good shape. He was great on every front --professionally and personally. I recommend him highly.
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    Gina H

    Explained the outcome of a total hip replacement.
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Physician Suite: #506

Therapy Suite: #210

Bethesda, Maryland 20817

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